About Us

Lake George Region for WIN, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation formed for the charitable purpose of aiding women and families living in Warren, Washington, Saratoga and Essex Counties who are in need of food, clothing, medical services, home fuel, transportation costs and shelter by providing financial help or guidance in obtaining much needed items for subsistence.

We receive our cases through recommendations from individuals, churches, schools, agencies, and applications to our web site.  The cases are brought to committee for individual discussion and review.  Recommendations are made by the committee to the board of directors for approval such as area of need, the critical nature of the situation, and the amount of money or aid needed to provide immediate relief.  Generally, funds or aid provided range from $300 to $500, depending upon the number of children involved, the nature of the need, the severity of the situation and consideration as to whether further assistance will be required in the near future.

Lake George Region for WIN, Inc. essentially has no budget.  We receive no funding from any government agency and rely solely on our fundraising efforts and private donations.  The impact we have and the number of people we serve depends entirely on our ability to raise funds and on the generosity of individuals, local businesses, and non-profit agencies.

We also support non-profit agencies working for the benefit of women, families and children.

Samples of our Fund Raisers