Our recipients have sincerely appreciated any small effort to improve their situation over the years as evidenced by their heartfelt expressions:

“Thank you so much for the financial donation towards my expenses during my stem cell transplant…After my recovery I would love to attend a meeting and share with you my illness, transplant and recovery from MDS.” 


“Thank you for your donation of hygiene supplies.  We were able to send the supplies home to many families that are in need.”


“…thank you for the blessing you sent me.  It’s wonderful to know there are those who care about others.  You’ve helped more than you could imagine!”


“Thank you for your generous donation, which will help provide fresh food to our less fortunate families.”


“Thank you so much for the donation to the community food pantry.  It will come in handy to buy some fresh vegetables and fruit.  There are so many in need and this will help so much.  God bless!”


“We are so very grateful to you and your organization for again choosing to make such a generous gift that will directly benefit many foster children!”


“…we consider you all our friends.  With your recent donation…Our clients are able to come to our pantry and choose nutritious food.  Money saved can be used for heat, medical care or other necessities.”


“To see a smile come to a mother’s face, to receive a “Thank-you” from a senior citizen on a fixed income are things that help keep us motivated to be a part of something that is bigger than us and keep our doors open.  May God bless you in all of your endeavors to make a difference!”


 “Thank you for the gift of a grocery card. We never would have made it through the month without your generosity. My family enjoyed a real Thanksgiving dinner thanks to you.”


 “Since my husband’s accident, he’s been out of work and we’ve been trying to make ends meet on my minimal earnings. Thank you for your kind help. It could not have come at a better time.”

 “I’m a single mom of 4, working for minimum wage. Without your help I would not have been able to buy my kids Christmas gifts. You made our holiday special.”


"We now have heat where there was bitter cold. Thank you for taking care of our overdue oil bill.”


Many families are experiencing difficult times right now, and the need is urgent.

Please join us in helping others!