Frequently Asked Questions for Individual Applicants

If you're thinking of applying for a grant from WIN and have questions, please refer to this page for general information. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us.

  1. What kinds of assistance does WIN offer?  WIN offers short-term financial assistance designed to promote the self-sufficiency of individuals and families who, because they are working or lost their job and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance but who, all the same, are experiencing difficult financial issues.
  2. Who is eligible to apply for assistance from WIN?  Individuals and families are eligible to apply for assistance from WIN if:
    • You are at least 18 years of age;
    • You are a legal resident of the region of which we serve.
    • You intend to apply for assistance either for yourself, or for a person living in your home;
  3. How Does WIN Raise Funding?  We are a not-for–profit, volunteer organization and we raise money by running various fund-raising events during the year.  We rely on individuals to donate money to support our causes. Click here if you would like to donate.
  4. Does WIN charge a fee to apply for assistance? We do not charge a fee when an individual applies for assistance.
  5. I'm not sure whether I qualify for WIN assistance. Can I ask some questions about my personal situation before I apply? You may either email or call us prior to ask any preliminary questions.
  6. How do I apply for assistance from WIN? Applicants should fill out this form. You will be contacted by a WIN representative.
  7. What kinds of assistance can I request from WIN? WIN helps qualified individuals / households to afford two specific types of expenses:
    • Unexpected or emergency expenses that an individual or family living paycheck-to-paycheck could not possibly afford without short-term assistance.
    • Monthly bills that an individual or family living paycheck-to-paycheck cannot afford to pay at the time of their application because of a documentable extenuating circumstance.
  8. Are there any types of assistance that I cannot request from WIN?
    • Expenses that we are not permitted to pay as a matter of law would include federal, state, or local tax payments, including property tax payments, past-due child support payments, or fines / legal fees associated with a civil or criminal offense with which an applicant has been charged (for example, we can't pay traffic tickets or help you to retain an attorney because you've been sued or charged with a crime).
    • Typically, all requests are reviewed on an individual basis.  Applicant must show dire need.  At WIN, we believe that the best kind of giving is responsible giving. So, as a matter of organizational policy, we do not help persons to afford credit card bills or bankruptcy payments, and we don't help persons to afford luxury goods / services of any kind (for example, the cost of replacing a broken television or the cost of taking your family on a vacation).
  9. I'm facing an urgent crisis or have a question about applying for assistance from WIN, can someone contact me? Please call or email us and we will get back to you ASAP.